Protect Your Child’s Teeth And Dental Health

image0204From the first baby tooth, it’s important for parents to take an active role in promoting good dental hygiene and habits with their children.

Start your child on the right path with regular checkups and visits to Dr. Booth. With the right care for your child’s individual needs, we can help them maintain a healthy smile and habits that will last them a lifetime.

What If My Child Damages Or Knocks Out A Tooth?

Call us as soon as possible after the incident occurs. For chipped teeth, we may be able to bond the broken piece back onto the tooth.

If a healthy permanent tooth is completely knocked out, keep the tooth moist in milk or water and get to the dentist immediately.

What Can You Do To Help Safeguard Your Child’s Smile?

  • For babies, wipe your child’s gums with a warm, wet cloth or small gauze pad after feeding to remove excess food and bacteria
  • Encourage a healthy diet from the major food groups such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, milk, cheese, yogurt, meat, poultry and fish
  • Discourage thumb and pacifier sucking as soon as possible, and before the age of two
  • Regular dental checkups and exams are an important part of your child’s health
  • Your child’s first dental visit begins as early as 1 year of age

Putting Your Child’s Needs First

Children require specific dental treatment, and our expert staff is trained to focus on your child’s individual needs. For more information about the other dentistry focuses we offer, including prosthodontics, contact us.